Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We closed the coven and I took a long holiday from spirituality/religion/metaphysics.

I picture it as a Caribbean cruise, a long laziness, with pauses for refreshment at islands of palm trees and burning white sand, ringed by water of the most exquisite turquoise blue.

I have been a lotos eater.

But spirituality/religion/metaphysics is my business. It's what interests me. The gods don't let go.

Nor the goddesses.

I was talking to jackiejj about Inanna, the Sumerian Great Goddess- how she goes into the underworld to confront her sister Ereshkigal and is stripped of her finery and hung up on hooks like a side of beef.

And I remembered writing an initiation ritual from which the candidate emerges new born and is greeted with three gifts and three sayings,

"You are Inanna the owl, who flies in the dark."

"You are Inanna the owl, who sees in the dark."

"You are Inanna the owl, who is wed to the dark."
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