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Dementia [Dec. 22nd, 2014|11:44 am]
It's not the first time she's come downstairs without her watch, but it is the first time she's rubbed her wrist, vaguely aware things weren't as they should be,  and asked, "Can you tell me what I'm missing?"

Earlier she'd had me explain an article on the front page of her Telegraph in which some ennobled fool was explaining that old people can stave off dementia by taking more exercise and doing crossword puzzles.She thought it was funny. I thought it was funny too, but with a dash of the bitters- because it hasn't worked for her.

She still does crosswords, by the way; she's even quite good at it. And then she forgets that she's done them.
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The Day After The Winter Solstice [Dec. 22nd, 2014|09:36 am]
Here comes the sun

Doo doo doo doo

Here comes the sun.

I say, it's all right

Da da-da da da...
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How And Why? [Dec. 21st, 2014|04:00 pm]
You put a lot of washing in the washing machine and one of the items is a duvet case. You take it out again after running the programme and find that all the smaller things have managed to get themselves inside the case. How does that happen?

It's not as if it were a fluke. It happens time and time again. There must be some scientific principle at work. 
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Here It Is [Dec. 21st, 2014|09:52 am]
Christmas descends. I felt it come down on us yesterday. Like a fall of invisible snow. There's a new quality to the silence. As if the world had caught its breath. As if TinyTim's muffler had been wrapped round ears and mouth. We have entered the zone of ever so slightly altered reality. It's a one way tunnel of a certain length with no side exits.  
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Under The Skin [Dec. 20th, 2014|06:24 pm]
The man is naked. He follows the woman into the dark. She walks on the surface of the black water but he sinks into it and is gone.

Millions of images coming at us.  Endlessly. This one is indelible.

Film history.

It's sort of a chase movie. Alien operative goes awol. The biker gives chase. It's Scotland. It's winter.

The alien watches and we become the alien. The human race so predatory and so merciful; perhaps not so worthless after all. The hunter falters and becomes the hunted.

Snow falls.
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Free Time [Dec. 20th, 2014|01:07 pm]
I bought a DVD last week and ever since I've been looking for an opportunity to view it- and coming to the realisation that there's never- in any day- a movie length span of time when I don't have to be on the alert, making meals or cups of coffee, escorting my mother about and so on. I don't have a lot to do here- I can't complain that it's onerous- but what it is is continuous. From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night I'm never off duty- even though all I have to do most of the time is " stand and wait".

Today, though, is our day off and Kirstie's here doing the things I'd normally do. Usually Ailz and I go out for lunch and have adventures but Ailz was very tired and has gone to bed and I took advantage of the situation to shut myself up in the study and watch my movie. I can't tell you how good it was to have two uninterupted hours to myself.
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A Warm Welcome In Reigate [Dec. 19th, 2014|09:57 am]
We'd only been in his restaurant once before but the chap who is possibly the owner came over and said, " I see you're sitting at the same table." Well, it's nice isn't it? And gives us another reason (apart from liking the food- which is Nepalese) for going back in the New Year. 
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Out Of The Past [Dec. 18th, 2014|06:22 pm]
I pick a volume of my paper journal off the kitchen floor- where the tide of our removals has dumped it.  There's a marker at a conversation I had with my father in October '02. He asks me if I am satisfied with my life so far and I say I am because it has been interesting. I should have thrown the question back at him, shouldn't I?   A month later he was dead.
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Clockwise [Dec. 18th, 2014|09:16 am]
My mother used to live by the clock and we fell into step behind her. More recently there's been some slackening. It's really very nice to not have to keep hitting the mark- not to have to get up at 7.15 and then deliver my mother to the breakfast table at 8.00. We haven't gone mad- we still get up early- but we're no longer timebound. I like clocks; I like having them around, with their smiling faces and friendly voices, but I resent having them tell me what to do. It's a very long time since I last wore a watch. 
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Neighbours [Dec. 17th, 2014|11:38 am]
1. Matthew confirms that there are new people living in one of the vacated bungalows. He says they've got a board up to say they've applied for planning permission.

"To do what?" I ask.

"Seeing as how that's a really dangerous blind bend I didn't stop to find out."

Fair enough.

2. Lee dropped by last night with a tin of Sainsbury's shortbread for my mother. She and her family will be spending the holidays messing about in boats- in the Bahamas. Ho, ho, ho.

3. Oh, and the Martian lander has recorded spikes of methane in the planet's atmosphere which suggests there could be some sort of life out there. I wouldn't be at all surprised. They're probably bacteria. Living underground. If I knew where Mars was in the sky right now I'd give them a wave. "Howdy, neighbours."
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